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  • A customized approach built for your unique context and goals
    Our work is anything but cookie cutter. While we draw on a deep well of proven methods, frameworks, and approaches drawn from thought leaders, we bring them to bear in a customized approach designed for your specific needs.


  • Strategic perspective joined with an urgency for action
    We combine strategic, objective perspective with practical, action-oriented approaches. Our mission-driven clients are working on urgent problems and have little time for “strategy studies” that are disengaged from driving real impact for real people.


  • A collaborative model that draws from our collective strengths
    We know our clients know a lot. And we believe we know even more together. We strive to bring the best out of our collective team to build solutions that neither of us could generate alone. We work shoulder-to- shoulder with clients and are equally effective and comfortable in the boardroom and with the frontline employee.


  • Deep commitment to sustainable impact and relationships
    We only work where we believe that significant impact will outlive our involvement. We do not write reports that sit on shelves. We build reality into our thinking. We work with your team in ways that build your passion, commitment, capability, and capacity to take action. You will never see us trying to ‘sell’ work; we will help you think about the best way to achieve your aims, whether that be with another firm, with us, or working alone.


Our working model is grounded in our beliefs about what works – built both from our extensive experience serving government and nonprofit organizations – and from listening to our clients. Bell Creek Consulting’s approach to engagements is characterized by:

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